Why your dog needs a Wilkool™️ Cooling Vest

Why your dog needs a Wilkool™️ Cooling Vest

Experts say that the way for dogs to remain healthy & provide them with the best opportunity for longevity is to ensure they exercise regularly. But how do we keep our fury friends cool and lower their risk of overheating during summer? Especially short muzzled dogs who are prone to having issues with regulating their body temperatures.

For decades, this has been a problem facing the dog industry.

There are plenty of products out there that claim to “stop dog overheating” or that claim to keep our fury friends cool. However, few claim to have practical cooling technology specific for dogs.

That is where our Wilkool™️ Cooling Vests are different. Our vests use evaporative cooling technology to combine water with our special fibre to create a cooling vest that will gradually release water through evaporation to keep your pet cool, comfortable and happy.


How to use the Wilkool™️ Cooling Vest
  1. Soak cooling vest in water,
  2. Leave for a few minutes until completely wet, wring out excess water,
  3. Wrap over pet,
  4. Secure with Velcro on the back,
  5. The vest will stay cool for up to 3 hours and is reusable-repeat as required.


When to use a Wilkool™️ Cooling Vest

For best results it is recommended to use the cooling vest of your dog after exercise when panting is present. Unlike humans, dogs don’t have the luxury of putting on the aircon, changing clothes or even jumping in the pool when temperatures soar.

Placing a Wilkool™️ Cooling Vest on your fury friend is the quickest and most practical solution to regulate your pup’s temperature and ensure they are comfortable. We have designed our vests around versatility so they can even be worn whilst pup still remains active i.e. playing catch in the backyard.

Our vests have velcro, for easy application and are available in five different sizes so you are guaranteed to find one that fits every shape and size.


Safety Information?

Due to the nature of the cooling technology the cooling vests must not be worn unsupervised. Leaving the vest on unsupervised can have adverse effects on the dog as the vest slowly dries.


The cooling vest must also be cold machine washed separately (only if necessary). Do not add fabric softener and line dry in the shade only. Direct sunlight will fade the vest fibres overtime. To re-use simply re-wet the vest.

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