Microfibre Dog Cooling Vest

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Best dog cooling vest in Australia made from a soft fibre layer which can be immersed in water, wrung out and placed on your dog to cool them in summer. This dog cooling coat will help keep their body temperature down which reduces stress, panting and potentially overheating. These vests are cold as ice when they are submerged and are great for keeping your K9 cool. 

The cooling dog vest by WILKO is perfect for dogs who enjoy hiking, running or walking in the heat, playing on the beach, boating or participating in dog shows!

Evaporative Cooling Jacket- this simple and effective technology works by combining water with our special Fibre to create a cooling vest that will gradually release water through evaporation to keep your pet cool, comfortable, and happy.

🚰 Simply rehydrate the vest in water once it becomes dry.

👕 Shades of yellow may vary slightly due to fibre batches

 Benefits & Features

  • Designed to keep your dog cool in hot conditions
  • Made from quality soft fabric
  • The perfect solution for dogs in hot summer conditions and climate
  • Vest performance will vary on weather conditions
  • Suitable for all pooches shapes and sizes
  • Best Dog Cooling Coat for French Bulldogs
  • Fast dispatch
  • Full range body motion when the vest is on

Care Instructions

Warm machine wash separately. Do not add fabric softener. Line dry in shade.

Cooling Vest Sizes

Below we have specified the measurements of the vest which should be used to ascertain which size is best for your dog. The most important factor in sizing is the depth of your dog’s chest. We also have general weights and breeds that may fit the specified size. If you have any sizing questions, please contact 

Are Cooling Vests Safe for Dogs?

All of WILKO's dog cooling vests are designed to last 1-2 hours on the dog, as this is a chamois material it will remain cool, however stiffen if left on the dog for too long. Hence it is important to re-wet this vest every couple of hours to ensure that your K9 stays happy and cool!

How to Manage Your Dog's Temperature in Summer Heat

In Australia, the summer months bring scorching temperatures that can be challenging for our furry friends. Here are effective ways to ensure your dog stays safe and cool during the heat:

Hydration: Always provide ample clean, fresh water for your dog. Consider having an extra water bowl available, especially when you're away, to prevent any shortage due to spills or increased thirst. For an added cooling effect, drop in a few ice cubes for a refreshing treat.

Shelter and Shade: If your dog spends time outdoors, ensure they have access to shaded areas throughout the day to shield them from the intense sun.

Frozen Treats: Create frozen treats by freezing your dog's favorite snacks in ice cubes. Not only are these treats refreshing, but they also provide a fun and engaging activity for your dog.

Paddling Pools: Help your dog cool off by providing a shallow pool where they can splash and lower their body temperature.

Safety Measures: The warmer months pose a risk of heat-related illnesses for dogs. Recognizing signs of heatstroke is crucial to safeguard your pet's well-being. Avoid exercising your dog during the hottest times of the day, even for brief periods. Additionally, be cautious with water from taps or hoses, as during summer, it can be extremely hot and cause burns. Never leave your dog unattended in a parked car, even for a short duration, as this can lead to heatstroke and potentially be fatal.

By implementing these measures, you can ensure your beloved pet stays comfortable and safe during the summer heat.

Customer Reviews

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Lynette Barnes

Looks fine, haven't used it as yet.

leanne holmes
I haven’t got it yet

It hasn’t arrived yet

Wendy Roberts
Makes my toy poodle a real cool dog.

Works really well at keeping my dog comfortable on hot days.


This vest is fantastic for my poochon. I was close to 40c yesterday. He had the vest on all day, and he was so
cool all day. I only had to wet it twice, I am super happy with it

My little girl

I am gobsmacked, never have I seen anything wrk like this...
Thr coats turned up 8n post when my girl was overheating I took video while coat was soaking then took of her a minute later, in two minutes she lay down and went to sleep..

Hi Sandra, Thank you sop much for taking the time our to leave us a review! So glad to hear that the vest is working super well to cool your dog down and we are biased but we also do think it is truely a lifesaver during these scorching days.

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