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Wilkool™ Cooling Collar

Wilkool™ Cooling Collar

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Keeps your dog cool in very hot conditions
Proven to reduce stress & panting
Suitable for all dog shapes and sizes
Perfected using our special Wilkool™ fabric
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  • Through numerous revisions and rigorous testing, we've invented the most effective dog cooling collar EVER.
  • Made using our special Wilkool™️ fabric, this collar boasts a lightweight, durable hardware system that ensures long-lasting wear and comfort for your furry friends.
  • When dampened, the Wilkool™️ Cooling Collar becomes soft and uses evaporative cooling by slowly releasing water that will help keep your pet's body temperature down during those scorching hot days. This has been shown to reduce stress, panting, and potential overheating.
  • Perfect for dogs who enjoy hiking, running or walking in the heat, playing on the beach, boating or participating in dog shows... the list goes on!

🚰 Simply rehydrate the collar in water once it becomes dry.

👕 Shades of yellow may vary slightly due to fibre batches.


  • In case you missed the sizing chart in the product images, we have specified the measurements of the Wilkool™️ Cooling Collar which should be used to ascertain which size is best for your dog here.

Care Instructions

  1. Cold machine wash separately,
  2. DO NOT add fabric softener when washing,
  3. Let it air dry away from direct sunlight.

Are Cooling Collars Safe for Dogs?

When we say we've done rigorous testing, we mean it. This includes safety testing and making sure that the materials we use and the sizes we design won't bring ANY harm or discomfort to our beloved pooches!

The Wilkool™️ Cooling Collar is designed to last 1-2 hours on your dog, as this is a chamois material it will remain cool, however stiffen if left on your dog for too long. Hence it is important to re-wet this collar every couple of hours to ensure that your K9 stays happy and cool!

How to Manage Your Dog's Temperature in Summer Heat

In Australia, the summer months bring scorching temperatures that can be challenging for our furry friends. Here are effective ways to ensure your dog stays safe and cool during the heat:

Hydration: Always provide ample clean, fresh water for your dog. Consider having an extra water bowl available, especially when you're away, to prevent any shortage due to spills or increased thirst. For an added cooling effect, drop in a few ice cubes for a refreshing treat.

Shelter and Shade: If your dog spends time outdoors, ensure they have access to shaded areas throughout the day to shield them from the intense sun.

Frozen Treats: Create frozen treats by freezing your dog's favorite snacks in ice cubes. Not only are these treats refreshing, but they also provide a fun and engaging activity for your dog.

Paddling Pools: Help your dog cool off by providing a shallow pool where they can splash and lower their body temperature.

Safety Measures: The warmer months pose a risk of heat-related illnesses for dogs. Recognizing signs of heatstroke is crucial to safeguard your pet's well-being. Avoid exercising your dog during the hottest times of the day, even for brief periods. Additionally, be cautious with water from taps or hoses, as during summer, it can be extremely hot and cause burns. Never leave your dog unattended in a parked car, even for a short duration, as this can lead to heatstroke and potentially be fatal.

By implementing these measures, you can ensure your beloved pet stays comfortable and safe during the summer heat.

30-Day Guarantee

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