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Wilkosy™ Bathrobe (Pink)

Wilkosy™ Bathrobe (Pink)

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Drys your dog quickly post splash
Proven to reduce stress & shivering
Suitable for all dog shapes and sizes
Perfected using our special Wilkosy™ fabric
Same-day dispatch, shipping globally
Hassle-free returns & exchanges


Our community demanded... and we answered.

Crafted using our unique, highly absorbent Wilkosy™️ microfibre blend, this wearable bathrobe is designed to be worn by your furry best friend when they just can't quite shake the splash!

Perfect to wear after bath time in winter, after swimming or grooming, and will keep your dog warm, dry and snug as a bug.


  • Incase you missed the sizing chart in the product images, we have specified the measurements of the Wilkosy™️ Bathrobe (Pink) which should be used to ascertain which size is best for your dog here.
  • The most important factor in sizing is the depth of your dog’s chest. We also suggest general weights and breeds that may fit the specified size. If you have any sizing questions, please contact us.

Care Instructions

  1. Cold machine wash separately,
  2. DO NOT add fabric softener when washing,
  3. Let it air dry away from direct sunlight.

Are Bathrobes Safe for Dogs?

When we say we've done rigorous testing, we mean it. This includes safety testing and making sure that the materials we use and the sizes we design won't bring ANY harm or discomfort to our beloved pooches!

The Wilkosy™️ Bathrobe (Pink) is to be worn when your precious pup might be feeling a little cold and/or wet. It is especially designed to not be restricting to allow proper breathing and full range of motion.

30-Day Guarantee

We're here for you. If your product is not what you expected, or you have simply had a change of heart, we offer exchanges or full refunds within 30 days of receiving your delivery. No questions asked.

For more information, either visit our FAQs page, our return policy or contact us directly at

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